Lawrence Barsalou’s “Perceptual Symbol Systems Jesse Prinz’s Concept Empiricism

File model of cognition (Fodor)

Neo-Empiricism (Locke- “Nothing in the intellect that wasn't in the senses”) Image-like ideas

Mental rep. Are “perceptual symbols” (Barsalou) Mental representations are multimodal

Reps-> concepts related symbols become organized into a simulator” - a concept = simulator

NE concepts no longer static images, but neural patterns Not holistic but componential (?)

File Model Fodor- concepts name a “file” with notes which can be tokened to produce new files

Chow- concepts are not file labels, but the files themselves.

Problems for NE: -problem concepts - proton - tensor products - thought; contemplation -compositionality and productivity of thought Inference

Spelke, 1999- children experiment

Viger - Natural language provides us with the connection labels- words are the files pointing to multimodal concepts, but with links of their own. (See photo)