Elisabeth Sacchi

Strong and Weak I deny qualitative states

Inverted Earth- phenom. properties are narrow (Lycan)

Strong I can be pure impure or spurious Pure- on int. content Impure- on int. mode Spurious- mode+content

Mode I- to-me component + aspectual => phenomenally conscious state Not a type of representationalism, but Fregean Presentationalism (concerned with the how of an object’s presentation not the what being presented)

Two methods for treating the to-me component representationally: higher-order meta-content theories or “HOT” (Chalmers)

Use of self-consciousness

Tied into Brentano- tendency to “objectify” this component

Gegebenheitsweise Bestimmtenheitsweise (Modes from Frege, relatable to Searle)

Other modes: representational, judgmental, or emotional