Unconscious Consciousness: Re-examining a Neglected Hypothesis in the Metaphysics of Mind
Itay Shani (Kyung Hee University)

Definitions (photo) Experimental evidence for unconscious: Automaticity Blindsit Implicit memory Subliminal perception Anticipation Insight and incubation Implicit emotions, motives

But what does UCC mean today? Presumably, C is ’phenomenal C’ -qualia,msentience, experience, etc So UCC becomes ’unexperienced experience’- paradoxical

So what justification could there be? Take a weak hypothesis- UCC only applies to C* (photo)

Radical and Mild emergent theories Radical E unintelligible (miracle, and unique, brute fact)

Mild E on the other hand explains what RE cannot

“With sufficient complexity”...

If C* is reflective, it's a HOT of C - a “conscious consciousness”

But Cc presupposes a lower-level C, “namely, an unknowing consciousness” - capable of sentience, but incapable of being substantively cognizant of this fact - no reflection

Q&A Kriegel - dilemma: A. There is something it is like to have unexperienced experiences (Itay takes this horn) B. there is no ’what it is like’ to have unexperienced experiences

Dainton- core-consciousness from Damasio... Inner perception?

Brandl- Brentano wouldn't have gone the panpsychist route, he wanted a physical explanation

Transitively conscious : “conscious of” (intransitive/transitive consciousness)