(1984, Millikan)

T: There are no concepts (empirically-based).

N-D space individuals ; d on properties. Thus, each obj. is described by being at one point.

No particular points actually (currently) exist.

Paths between collections of points describing generic objects:?

Objects and properties are not specific points, but describe shapes in n-space as clustered points (peaks)

  • relation to q-space?

  • is the “property” or causal relation described in n-space or orthogonal?

-cannot be picked out by a set of necessary and sufficient conditions?

Words anchor to these “clots” in n-space (clots as collections of individual examples: kinds). How do names? Words are not supposed to ’cut’ their own shape in n-space but attach.. To their center?

Some clots: “pear-shaped”, “peach (color)”, “furry”

“Unicept” - takes the approximate relations together (I.I. on objects). Unicept is not a concept, but a neural net of some kind. Disjunction of unicept given by bearer- Helen Keller as example.

  • portmanteau of “unique” and “concept”?