Time-Consciousness: From Brentano to Stern Barry Dainton (Uni of Liverpool)

Brentano's contribution being that unity of C is intrinsic

Problem with B’s time-C descr: unclear William James in Princ. Of Psych - problem of apparent motion

B postulated a “new form of C”- experience of succession at right angles to ordinary time The new form being re-Presentations of past sensations coupled(?) with a given exp. (Proterasthesis) -are products automatically triggered and produced by imagination

Problem- we now have real and Unreal objects forming our “continuum” of C? So P not an object of sense, but Way of perceiving.

Husserl. (Perhaps) “no major Phil. Has written as much on time-C” -wrote many accounts, most unsatisfying to H Time- is a problem in phenomenology (-H)

Applied “retentions” as similar to Proterasthesis - leading to today. (Dan Lloyd - “radiant cool: a novel theory of consciousness”) DL also writes for retentions in fMRI studies “activation patterns encode previous patterns”

Brentano on C and self-C: inner perception+secondary+primary objects = unified conscious state. But “inner Proterastheses don't exist” (to avoid regress)

--complexity seems to be an objection on the phenomenological view...

Presentism entails experiential encapsulation -can't be directly aware of ourselves moving through time

Div. from H: C and sfC are not encapsulated! ...leads to “double-intentionality”(?) -an orthogonal flow of intentionality to other intentional states (yet problem: unity fails on absolute time) Idealist position of “pre-temporal” Ego ... Supposed to account for this.

William Stern. (Put the “q” in “iq”) (3) only contents that are momentary and simultaneous can be unified If you buy 3, entails orthogonality. WS rejects that in favor of “presence-time”

Consequence: a “specious present” (an extensional model) utilizing overlap in “present moments” and continuity provided

“The present is psychologically nothing comparable to a point of rest” (-WS)

Presentism is back, and current Phils. Must again deal with encapsulation - G. Strawson and Geoff Lee defending B-style experience

Q&A Encapsulation - only deals with epist., not ont. issues? Can be separated?