Perception (conception?) as an Activity

“Concepts as Practical Knowledge”

Kant- concepts are in the making of judgments (“creatures” of j), necessary for perceptual knowledge

Frege- contrast in that nothing here psych. linked.

In common- “concepts are expressions of understanding in the judgmental mode.”

What about “ the perceptual mode”? - words help

And finally “ the practical mode” (swimming as an “exhibition” of understanding what it is to swim)

CogSci often “underwrites” perceptions and actions as judgments - noe will call this “intellectualism”

  • all judgments as Form 2

Contrasting I-ism with “Pluralism” - concepts are not a natural kind

Concepts are abilities (derived from Witt.)

“Access is the generic modality of presence” - presence as access makes it vague (“no sense in which it stops”)

  • does presence, then, in some way travel from individual to individual over the scope of relative access? That is, do settlers of mars make mars present to me, across some medium?