Brentano on the Impact of Psychology on Philosophy Johannes L. Brandl (Uni Salzburg, Uni Fribourg) *recommends speaking to Martine Nida-Rummelin

B's mission: radical turnaround in phil. by providing help from psychology

In current Phil Brentanian themes
inner C

How to get back to B's mission? His claims: • Psych is important • Phil progress depends on psych progress Two kinds of psych: • Descriptive (beschreibende Psychologie) Describe the basic components of perception (introspective) • Genetic Explores conditions for experiences (empirical)

Brandl: thinks B’s motive was to bridge naturalistic sciences and descriptive psych -”humanities on one side, psych on the other”

Problem with D-psych: new ontological objects - some precedent: Mill -”first step of inductive inquiry is a mental analysis of complex phenomena”

Opposing views: Ewald Hering, Hermann Lotze, Wilhelm Dilthey

Psychologism was meant by B to be a foundation of knowledge.

Modal thesis: descriptive psych is an “exact science” revealing necessary (apodictic) truths about the mind - Judg are pos or neg Feelings are of - Feeling presupposes judg

Objections: Inner perception not indefeasible evid. Does not reveal necessary features of mental states that can be generalized by “a priori induction”

Grand Illusion: Phil is is an a priori discipline founded on a basis of necessary (apodictic) truths D-psych can provide these truths

B claims that knowledge is judg in defense.

Rationalistic “Unexpected Alliance” Leibniz- characteristica universalis Frege- begriffschrift Brentano- d-psych

Criticism: Phil progress not necessarily in line with progress in logic, psych, etc.

Back to beginning: psych and Phil still artificially divided (p7, Psych from Emp. Standpoint)

Brandl- image was that psych could be a bridging discipline from natural sciences, physiology, to philosophy

Current situation (Neuroscience (.) Psychology (.) Phil of mind (.) other Phil- ethics, etc.)

B was wrong- no scientific discipline restricts itself to phenom in C No self-evident psych knowledge (because psych concepts are theory-laden)

B was right- intentionality and inner C are indispensable concepts in Phil of mind Interpretation of these concepts is crucial for bridging gap between psych and Phil

Brandl - gap between psych and Phil is growing