Consciousness as a By-product Mark Textor (King’s College)

What can we get out of Brentano’s ideas? Living in a post-Fregean world...

Connects back to Aris. Dilemma: (pamphlet)

B- ont of pleasure: pleas. “piggybacks” on the source sensory perception. ... If this is the case, what sensory perception does the feeling of loss - mourning, etc - or other emotional pain with no or negative sensory input derive from or “piggyback” on?

Unity of C slips through the horns -pleasure and source and perception of perceiving all form unified perception

B goes on- Consciousness of phi-ing and phi-ing appear as one mental act : one activity with many objects (miterfasst) (MT relates this to English for “codefendants” to capture idea -parts are not strictly independent but can still be seen as separate parts in The unified whole, as when two criminals are charged for the single act)


Demonstrative judgment “this tree is...” Can have the C (as objection above) without the object/source of judgment (weksler)

Primary and secondary intentionality explicated by the “parasitic” relationship (Kriegel) -but doesn't necessarily identify the dimensions of the relation- which takes precedence, the perception or the secondary perception-of-perception?

Brit/American view on fusion- states are atomistic “mental chemistry” -combinatorial rudimentary states become complex experience Aus/German view -irreducibility of fusion in phenomenal states ... How to explicate this dichotomy? What are the problems with both views? Is there a dilemma that arises- or is responsible for -this disagreement?