Color - Synasthesia Chromatic reference acquisition - “color concepts” (Hahn, Martin) Problem (from 1877 Darwin on challenge in learning color terms): children pick up and categorize color terms (using objects as references to the color ?) before applying them correctly (1977, Johnson “development of color knowledge in preschool children”) (1988, Soja “young children's concept of color and its relation to the acquisition of color words) Lieto, Antonio - Frixione, Marcello.txt 17 April 2013.txt 851 Further A851 EMA Outlining.txt A851 Project Notes.txt A857 Day School.txt About Writer 2.txt About Writer 3.txt About Writer.txt Abruzzo, Vincent.txt Albert’s QM Paradox.txt Alice Bob and Carol.txt Alice in Wonderland.txt An idea for a dialogue.txt Andy Clark - opening.txt Answer.txt Answering Denise.txt Arguments On Perspective.txt Aufbau.txt Bday BBQ Guest List.txt Benbaji, Hagit.txt Bollards and Security.txt Caiani, silvano.txt Chow, Sheldon.txt Closing session.txt Community and Cressida.txt DMCA (Round 6.txt Describing Qualia.txt Document 2.txt Document.txt Draft Draft (Medium).md Dream Diary.txt Elmar.txt FVD (Uni Kent) 16 Jan 2015.txt Faces of God 2.txt Grasso Bibliography.txt HTTPS Conversion for Hamami, Yacin.txt How do we spread information?.txt How to Die.txt I will repeat myself.txt In stark contrast to the.txt Intentionality 1.txt Intentionality 2.txt Intentionality 3.txt Inventory.txt Iris Young is Wrong.txt Is there a formal proof.txt Letter to Marc on his Quindecinnal.txt Liberty is Childish.txt London is a much livelier.txt Lukes’ Distinction.txt Lurking beneath the.txt Martinich 119-3 .txt May Day - Jesse Tomalty.txt May Day - Jon Pike.txt May Day - Timothy Chappell.txt May day - Lorna Finlayson.txt Michael, John Andrew.txt Mind and Metaphysics 1.txt Mind and Metaphysics 2.txt Mind and Metaphysics 3.txt Munton, Jessie.txt Mylar Flip Wallet for.txt NR 1.txt NR 2.txt NR 3.txt NR 4.txt NR 5.txt Naruto sleeps, drifting.txt Neither. Im not undecided.txt Notes Notes (2014.07.22).txt Notes on Notes on Responsibility.txt On Perspective.txt On Utility.txt On Otto’s Preferences.txt PHILOSOPHY EATS ITSELF.txt PPRO Perspectivism in the.txt Perspectivism- Prose.txt Perspectivism.txt Peter Railton’s Dewey.txt Phenomenal Intentionality 1.txt Phenomenal Intentionality 2.txt Phenomenal Intentionality 3.txt Philosophy of Humor.txt Plane crash, Wollin.txt Playlist.txt Plen 1- Millikan, Ruth.txt Plen 1.1.txt Plen 1.2.txt Plen 2 - Noe, Alva.txt Plen 2.txt Plen 3 - Goldstone, Rob.txt Plen 3.1.txt Plen 3.2.txt Plen 4 - Pecher, Diane.txt Plen 4.txt Plen 5 - MacPherson, Fiona.txt Plen 6 - O'Callaghan, Casey.txt Plen 7 - Kathleen.txt Plen 8 - Chalmers, David.txt Question Formatting.txt Question on Frankfurt.txt Questions about life.txt Recommendation: Gregor Heigis.txt Reply to Paul Enock.txt Response to Perry.txt Responsibility as Identity .md ST 1.txt ST 2.txt ST 3.txt Scratchpad.txt Share", thanks to Apple.txt Shelvin, Henry.txt Status - Gezi of Thrones.txt Symposium.txt Syntactic Analysis (y!a q.txt TANSTAAFL.txt TMA 02.txt TMA 04 TMA 04 TMA01 Notes.txt TMA03 - TMA03 Notes.txt TMA03 TMA04 TMA05 CNP.txt The Objective Self.txt The most radical position.txt There ought to be a limit.txt Today was exceptional in.txt Trashed Files Two Justifications for.txt Veridical What I Want.txt When is it time to tell.txt Wolke Project.txt Writing Excercise (Rabbits).md it's rare.txt libertarianism and democracy .md mfsBSD-SE AWS AMI relationship rules.txt whh.txt question to be asked later. Does the principle of vision, that sight occurs by contrast, apply necessarily across modalities? Color filters conflate wavelength and intensity, but luminance contrastis what provides “what you can see” Physical limitations are then luminance or chromatic contrast (filter contrast) at a single time. So what would we know about the world without one or the other? Accuracy in uniform color perception is an ill-posed problem. Luminance tracking develops before chromatic motion Synasthesia as a benefit to reading? Studies on Czech readers resulted in failure of all generated hypotheses. Was this due to differences in Czech language learning? I.e., one-to-one mappings between letters and phonemes (goal in reading comprehension is reading first -perfect reading by first year- comprehension follows after) ! In synasthetes, ’x’, ’o’, and ’i’ are uniquely stable in being monochromatic Some results - 1" Shape correlates with hue (p, q, b, d all fall into a range with same hue) 2" frequency with luminance, 3" ordinality (alphabetic position) also with hue